Sohan d shira gnla diet 24 february 2018

The Khasis, Jaintias and Garos are the key indigenous tribal communities inhabiting the state.

Garo National Liberation Army: An Emerging Threat in Meghalaya

Riyadh has long been an economic and strategic partner of Islamabad, but avoids indulging in the lingering diplomatic row between Pakistan and India because of its huge investments in the two countries. Cox's Bazaar, a completely unmonitored port in Bangladesh, has emerged as a major transit point for the supply of illegal arms and ammunition coming from Southeast Asia.

He is currently working on research and documentation of insurgency in North East India. Its objective is to establish an independent state for the Garo people. Its main source of funds is extortion. There were 61 fatalities 19 civilians, eight SF personnel and 34 militants in Since the launch of the operation, at least 37 GNLA militants were killed two infive in10 in13 in and seven in ; have been arrested two in10 in37 in56 in and 48 n ; and have surrendered 18 in21 in94 in20 in and 23 in While the insurgency in Meghalaya has now been comprehensively defeated by the law enforcement agencies, socio-political tensions persist.

Besides that, the outfit is also known to have indulged in fake currency circulation in Meghalaya. This desperate act will not be tolerated. Digital subscription comes free with it. The Army conducted a flag march in Itanagar on February Islamabad also froze the assets of dozens of banned groups and individuals across the country under a United Nations Security Council order Monday.

The events took place in the Bolkengre village, East Khasi Hills district. Meghalaya was created as an autonomous state, carved out from erstwhile Assam state, on April 02, and was granted full statehood on January 21, The decision was initially praised as an example of successful national integration into the wider Indian state.

Sangma is the right person to hold talks on behalf of the outfit. It also is prejudiced against the presence of the 'outsiders' in the State who it says have deprived the Khasi tribals of their rightful share from the gains of development.

It has also been seen that when the security forces pressurise the militants, they slip across to militant camps in Bangladesh.एक वरिष्ठ पुलिस अधिकारी ने बताया कि डोबू इलाके में कुछ जीएनएलए.

GNLA commander in chief Sohan D Shira was shot dead in an encounter by police in East Garo Hills. Garo Hills police killed the most wanted rebel in an encounter which lasted for hours.

Chah siat yap u heh ka GNLA u Sohan D Shira

Saturday, 24 February Meghalaya's most-wanted terrorist was on Saturday shot dead by security forces in an encounter in East Garo Hills district. The self-styled chief of the outlawed Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) Sohan D Shira carried a reward of Rs 10 lakh on his head.

Sohan D Shira was carrying a reward of Rs 10 lakh on his head since and his hunt was expedited after his group was suspected of murdering NCP candidate Jonathone N Sangma following an IED attack on February After the suspected bomb attack on February 18 by GNLA, in which NCP candidate for the Willimanagar assembly constituency Jonathone N.

Sangma and four others were killed in the Samanda area of East Garo Hills district. The security forces began their hunt for commander in chief of GNLA, Sohan D.

Meghalaya’s most-wanted militant shot dead in police encounter

Shira. The encounter of Sohan D Shira, who carried a reward of Rs 10 lakh on his head, came after NCP candidate Jonathone N Sangma was killed in an IED attack, suspected to be carried out by the GNLA.

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Sohan d shira gnla diet 24 february 2018
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